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October 2016

-Padron Series 4000
-Lamborghini Edición Especial 2016
-Regina Avus et Avia
-Victor Calvo VC50 Sublime

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Padron Series 4000

When it comes to the Padron Maduro, the standard by which all Maduros are measured, the Padron method is unique in that Orlando Padron grows his own Maduro wrapper. This allow the company to hand cultivate and hand pick only the best Cuban-seed tobacco leaves in their own field. The Maduro wrappers are then entrusted to their most skilled Cubantrained torcedores. However, before being boxed the cigars are put aside for a minimum of three years of slow, carefully monitored aging. While there may not be many of the great Padron Maduro cigars, what there are are truly remarkable.

Lamborghini Edición Especial 2016

The 1963 Lamborghini 350 GTV Maduro features a 7×56 torpedo vitola with 100% Cuban-seed long fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, and a 5+ year aged Mexican San Andreas Maduro wrapper. Created for the true lover of classic Lamborghini’s, this cigar was named after the historic 350 GTV, which was presented at the 1963 Turin Auto Show. The cigar is a true representation of the car with a medium-full bodied strength, a superb smoke output, and a complex yet smooth blend covering various regions of Latin America.

Regina Avus et Avia

Lovingly Handmade in Nicaragua, Gorgeous blonde Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. 6.5 inches long x 52 ring gauge, with shaggy foot. The Regina gives a bold flavor that will please any cigar smoker looking for a great stick.

Victor Calvo VC50 Sublime

The Victor Calvo 50 release is the pride and joy of Master Cigar Blender Victor calvo and is dedicated to his family and legacy. With a perfectly aged ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper farmed exclusively for the blend, this unique cigar is an elegant and traditional smoke. This choice blend is cultivated with the perfect percentage of Ligero, bunched and bound by the most unique Habano desflorado in the tobacco industry. The Victor calvo 50 possesses a vintage feel with its strong swoodsy taste and crisp cedar aroma making it an instant classic.

southern cigar co first box southern cigar co first box southern cigar co first box southern cigar co first box

September 2016

-Padilla 1932 Reserva
-Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona
-Moya Ruiz Dim Mak
-La Jugada Claro

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Padilla 1932 Reserva

Much like the regal lion on the band, Padilla cigars appear stoic on the sometimes chaotic landscape of the cigar industry. Padilla has become a household name associated with the most seasoned aficionados. Each cigar is hand crafted under the supervision of Ernesto Padilla and each stick is made to Ernesto's exacting standards. Padilla cigars have earned many high ratings from numerous publications, including a '94' rating by Cigar Aficionado for the highly sought after Padilla Miami.

Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona

IMade with Cameroon leaf wrappers, or Connecticut wrappers on the Chateau series, Arturo Fuente cigars are well-made, mild to medium in body, and beautifully constructed. Looks, personality, dependability....if only they could cook your dinner, you wouldn’t need much else in this world.

Moya Ruiz Dim Mak

MoyaRuiz proudly proclaims that Dim Mak is their most complex offering to date, as it features the company’s first use of fully aged proprietary Dominican tobaccos. The binder is from Nicaragua, and a gorgeous oily brown Habano wrapper grown in Ecuador completes this intense recipe. The result is a delicious medium to full bodied smoke with hearty notes of leather, coffee, earth, and a plethora of exotic spices. However, a written description does not do this stick full justice, as you will have to experience it yourself to appreciate its abundant complexity and refinement.

La Jugada Claro

In a lot of ways, the La Jugada Claro No. 1 is a cigar that not only fills a spot in the MoyaRuiz portfolio, but very much fits in with what MoyaRuiz is all about. No doubt, a Connecticut Shade offering is something that MoyaRuiz didn’t have. However, MoyaRuiz is a little about unpredictability. The way the Claro No. 1 increased in strength and body was something I wasn’t expecting – especially considering the milder profile at the beginning.  It isn’t that the cigar is going to evolve into a bold, power-bomb, but by the end of the cigar there is a noticeable difference in strength and body than what was at the beginning. In the end, it’s a very good and satisfying Connecticut Shade.

southern cigar co first box southern cigar co first box southern cigar co first box southern cigar co first box

August 2016

-Cornelius & Anthony
-Alec Bradley Mundial
-EP Carrillo E-Stunner
-Porto Real

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Cornelius & Anthony

Cornelius is completely hand rolled, Cuban style, with a triple cap. Each roller’s name is stamped proudly on the bottom of every box they roll. The Cornelius blend has a layered complexity with notes of both sweetness and spice. This medium-bodied cigar has a refined balance that culminates with a buttery smooth finish. This masterfully crafted cigar is nothing short of magnificent, and the ideal addition to any connoisseur’s humidor.

Alec Bradley Mundial

Make way for this incredibly special blend, featuring a careful mix of four distinct fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras with a generous amount of ligero and two binders – one Honduran, one Nicaraguan. The wrapper leaf is a thing of beauty, a stunner from the Trojes region of Honduras. Besides just the blend, the shape of this handmade is a real standout, with all sizes being rolled in the perfecto shape. All in all, Mundial is worth the wait, and it showed up right on time.

EP Carrillo E-Stunner

E-Stunner is a complete departure from E.P. Carillo’s typical fare, but in this case that’s a good thing....a very good thing. The blend was inspired by the popularity of energy drinks and is designed to your eyeballs. E-Stunner also marks the first time the company experimented with tobacco ratios, choosing a 50/50 mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco fillers as opposed to their standard 80/20. Plus, the wrapper utilized is harvested from a higher priming of the plant, for an extra punch of power. The result? A tasty blend that kicks things up a notch, well beyond what some sugar-laced energy shot ever could.

Porto Real

Boutique cigar manufacturer, Felipe Gregorio, is making leaps and bounds in the creation of complex, flavorful, cigars that are incredibly delicious with great aroma and high quality. The Porto Real cigars are medium body with hints of blue mountain coffee with nutmeg and cedar notes. It is a “wide body” Toro with 54 gauge, long filler, handmade by the senior cigar artisan from the best in Santiago, Dominican Republic. At this price, the Porto Real cigar, is simply the best deal in the market, right now.

southern cigar co first box southern cigar co first box southern cigar co first box southern cigar co first box

July 2016

-601 Green Label Oscuro
-Kristoff Maduro
-D’Crossier Diplomacy Series
-Herrera Esteli Lonsdale Deluxe

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601 Green Label Oscuro

Just when you thought 601 Serie couldn’t get any stronger, another fantastic, full-bodied brute has made its way onto the scene. Dressed in a dark, leathery Habano Oscuro wrapper from Nicaragua, this bold handmade employs an extensively aged mixture of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers to promote a fireplug of a cigar. Each cigar is meticulously handmade to deliver a potent array of balanced flavor. Heavy in the hand and oily to the touch, 601 Serie Habano Oscuro coats the palate with a dense bouquet loaded with rich, chocolatey flavors, coffee undertones, peppery nuances, and a long, toasty aftertaste.

Kristoff Maduro

The Maduro version of Kristoff comes dressed in a dark, oily Brazilian Maduro wrapper that's loaded with flavor. On the inside is a well-fermented, well-aged blend of robust Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers. This combination leads to a rich, chewy profile offering notes of espresso, pepper, and earth. Well-balanced, flavorful, and smooth, Kristoff Maduro is highly enjoyable.

D’Crossier Diplomacy Series

D'Crossier Diplomacy Series Presidential Collection are medium-bodied handmades crafted in Costa Rica and feature a closed pig tail foot. Coming dressed in a Costa Rica Criollo especial wrapper, the blend is finished with a flavorful blend of Ecuadorian and Dominican long-fillers. D’Crossier Diplomacy Series Presidential Collection cigars impart a sugary natural sweetness, woody notes, and subtle pepper nuances leading to a progressive and complex profile. Give D’Crossier cigars a try and witness for yourself the finest quality premium cigars available for a joyfully reasonable price. 

Herrera Esteli Lonsdale Deluxe

Surely you’ve heard about this cigar by now. The release of it was talked about on social media for months prior to its debut. Being a product of Drew Estate may have had something to do with the hype as well! It was released last year with both rave reviews and complaints about the construction. Fast-forward to now, the Herrera Esteli Lonsdale is a medium strength, borderline medium-full flavored cigar with an overlying white pepper/floral spice, complimented with notes of wood and nuts.

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